Hi and welcome! I am so excited to have you here!

My name is Sophie. I am French but I live in Stockholm, Sweden.

I would say I am pretty much obsessed with anything that has to do with well-being, how to live your healthiest and happiest life!

For the past 9 years I have been collecting all sorts of wellness recommendations, advice and experiences but did not know how I should go about making them accessible to a bigger community. I am part of that generation who grew up with blogs and MySpace and one day I just thought: I should write a blog again! So here it is!

A little more about me…

I grew up in the South of France. I was lucky enough to have access to organic vegetables and fruits, a very healthy lifestyle and access to nature. After graduating from high school, I moved out of my parents to study and started eating less healthy, exercising less, going out more. Even if my parents had always told me that eating well and organic is very important, that moving is essential, It was not until my health degraded that I fully realised the extent to which this was true. Now that I look back, it was probably a blessing in disguise as I would not be here writing those lines if I had not gone through these tougher times.

I often find that it is very hard to get access to good and relevant information so my hope is that you will here! I strongly believe wellness should be for everyone. On this site you will find lots about wellness and health, beauty and skincare, mental health, growth and a bit of travel :)!

Don’t hesitate to get in touch !

Much love,