How to get rid of migraines, for good!

Migraines can be so debilitating but there is a way to completely get rid of them!

Today we are going to talk about the thing that actually led me to look into health and wellness a lot more: migraines!

Migraines are a curse. You never know when you are going to get one and when you do, you barely have a choice, you most likely need to go lie down in the dark while you wait, in pain, feeling nauseous and terrible. As a migraine sufferer, I think I have probably tried everything to get some relief, yes, even putting my feet and hands in a bucket full of very cold water, putting medicine up my nose because I was told it would work (spoiler alert: it did not work).

If you suffer from migraines, you know how debilitating they are. They appear out of nowhere and suddenly make you question how you can feel such a strong and weird pain (and all the other symptoms that come with it)! 

I spent years trying to figure out how to get rid of them. I usually want to know why I am experiencing something but at this point, it made my life so difficult that I just wanted to find a solution. And guess what, I found something that worked! Needless to say, my life is so much better and easier!

With this post, i want to achieve two things. First, give you some tips. Second and most importantly, I want to give you some hope. If you suffer from migraines, remember that there is a solution out there and you do not have to spend your life suffering like this!

Now, let’s dive a bit more into the solutions. I will first give you the long-term solutions as they are the most viable ones in my opinion, and then the short-term ones: what do do if you get a migraine anyway?

Long-term solutions

The first time I discovered viable long-term solutions to get rid of migraines was in a book called The Migraine Miracle by Dr Josh Turknett. He is a neurologist, he had migraines and his mom did too so he knows what he is talking about! The book is well-written, Dr Turknett explains very well the reasons why we get migraines and what we can implement to live a migraine free life. The book also contains a lot of useful tips on the identification of triggers.

There is one thing that really worked for me. The good news is, it is very easy to understand. The less good news is that it is a lifestyle change :D! The single and biggest thing that changed my life was to go gluten-free.

In the book, he recommends basically removing all cereals from your diet, starting with gluten. Just by removing the cereals containing gluten from my diet, it did the trick. This is why I would suggest removing only gluten to start with.

You can become free from migraines by implementing a lifestyle change: going gluten free.

In short, I got rid of migraines completely by going gluten free! Now I basically never get a migraine. My goal here is not to advocate for a gluten-free diet for everyone because if you do not have migraines or are not so bothered by it (and do not have celiac disease), what would you go gluten-free? I just think it might be very valuable for some of you to read that this simple change really helped me. If you have any doubts or questions on how to start eating gluten-free, ask your doctor.

Short-term solutions

What to do if you get a migraine anyway? 

Here are some tips:

-if you can, go into a quiet and dark room;

-you can put an ice pad on your forehead, it does not feel that good but will help you get distracted from the debilitating pain;

-gently massage one or two drops of peppermint essential oil on your temples (note: Do not use essential oils if you are allergic to them, pregnant or breastfeeding. When in doubt, always ask a doctor).

-remember it is temporary and it will go away. I know this one is very hard when you are in the midst of it but it will get better!

I hope these little tips will help you :)!

Stay healthy!




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